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Bamboo architecture the book
The website is about Bamboo and the role it can play in a beautiful positive ecological, low carbon future for planet earth. It is about the groups and individuals around the world that work with it from INBAR in China to Peru. From the great bamboo architecture of Simon Velez in Colombia to Vo Trong Nghia in Vietnam. It is about the global attempt towards using bamboo to help climate change and CO 2 reduction in the propagation and use of the material from reforestation to emergency housing. It is about housing for Africa, Asia and South America for people that have no access to other materials. This website attempts to create the Global Village out of Bamboo as a sensible material for use in art, architecture and design. This site is also an attempt at creating a great book on Bamboo by soliciting more projects from around the world for future additions and as a international forum for people concerned with bamboo. We value your input if you work in bamboo or know anything about bamboo this website is about you.
Bamboo & Thatch Etc
Bamboo and Thatch Etc by Benson's Tropical Sea Imports offers a variety of bamboo poles at wholesale pricing. We specialize in providing tropical and Mexican themed décor, props and building materials.
MidAtlantic Bamboo
We became interested in bamboo jn 1980 after reading an article about Bamboo in National Geographic. That interest has led to the establishment of our bamboo farm and nursery, MidAtlantic Bamboo. Our knowledge is very limited but we have put together some of the more interesting facts about bamboo which we are passing on in the following articles. We have tried to avoid using technical terms and names whenever possible.
Bamboo Wholesale
Welcome to the BAMBOO WHOLESALE web site. Here you will find bamboo information including descriptions and photos and more photos of the major non-invasive bamboo varieties, and about bamboos for gardens, landscaping and plantations. From our nursery near Kempsey, Australia, you can buy bamboo plants for screens, ornamental feature plants, bamboo for timber poles, shoots, soil and slope stabilisation, groves, hedges and windbreaks. Our selection includes large and small varieties suitable for cities, suburban and rural landscapes; small, advanced and bare-rooted plants; colourful and foliage plants; all at best prices. We are specialist bamboo growers, and useful ornamental clumping bamboo species is our speciality!
"A small retail nursery" we cried, that's what we'll do with our 1.75 acres - now an intensive site, bulging at the seams! We're also 99% chemical free (1% retained for those blasted greenfly!!)
The Scottish Bamboo Nursery
The Scottish Bamboo Nursery is situated Alford in Aberdeenshire near Craigievar Castle 1000 feet up in the hills of Scotland.
We hold an unrivalled selection of Bamboo plants, suitable for the Scottish gardens. Many people think of bamboo as being related to a hot climate, but those that we have s elected originate from the temperate regions of China, Japan and the higher elevations of the Himalyas. They can withstand the climatic conditions of the Scottish gardens (and therefore any where in the UK) and are indeed hardy and evergreen down to temperatures of -18 to -30 degrees Centigrade, depending on the variety.
Jungle Giants
We have available a range of sizes from bamboo in 3 litre pots to superb 275 litre specimens, with prices ranging from £10.00 up to £1,000. We are a family run business built on the principles of quality, value for money and customer service. We operate a regular mail order service covering the UK. Delivery is speedy, straight to your door, and we offer you a no-quibble, money-back guarantee. You can place orders online through our secure servers, or if you prefer, use the telephone, fax or call personally.
Stam's Bamboo Nursery
We set up Stam's Bamboo Nursery in County Waterford in 1988. Our first bamboos came from long-lost demesnes and old gardens here in Ireland, where they had been planted during Victorian times. We collected around 25 different varieties and planted these out in our stock fields in the 19th century walled garden where we have our nursery.
The World Bamboo Organization
The World Bamboo Organization is a non-profit organization (501c3 status pending) formed to facilitate the exchange of information from around the world on the environmental, socioeconomic, biological, and cultural aspects of bamboo. By bringing together local and regional bamboo people and creating mechanisms for global communication, the World Bamboo Organization's goal is to facilitate the development of new partnerships and alliances to advance the causes of bamboo and furthering the efforts of bamboo practitioners worldwide.
the New Zealand Bamboo Society
The objective of the New Zealand Bamboo Society is to promote the propagation and use of bamboo in sustainable ways. We do this with our Magazine, Newsletters and Website. During the year we hold meetings, seminars and an annual conference at which we share our knowledge of bamboo in New Zealand and Overseas.
the Bamboo Society of Australia
The BSA is a non-profit group of people with an interest in bamboo. Activities include field days, and 3 Bamboo Bulletins per year (glossy covered magazine, up to 30 pages of bamboo stories and photos) .
Bamboo Headquarters Nursery
Plant nursery specializing in Bamboo. Wholesale, retail, mail order. Over 250 species. Vista, California.
Adam and Sue Tuttle
They sell bamboos. With a list of what they have, including height, diameter, temperature, sun/no sun.
American Bamboo Society
The American Bamboo Society has a complete list of bamboos growing in the USA, all with a description how they look , height, diameter, temperature, sun/no sun etc. etc. Lots of other literature about bamboo.
Bamboe kwekerij Fastuosa
Fastuosa is a small but specialised bamboo nursery, located in the north of the Netherlands. They grow bamboo on a very cold location where frosts can get down to -21 C.
The main idea of their nursery is to promote the use of bamboo in gardens, give the right information to the public on bamboo, useful species, garden-use, and how to 'live' with bamboo. Apart from growing bamboo, they invest a lot of their time in developing propagation techniques, testing of new species and selecting new plant material (seedlings). (Dutch/English)
Bamboe pages of Peter Meeuws with nice foto's of bamboos and some short descriptions.(Dutch) Including the March 1894 bulletin of the Koloniaal Museum about 'DE CULTUUR DER BAMBOE IN JAPAN'
This is a small collection of bamboo pictures taken by Kurt Stüber. Most pictures are taken in his garden.
Burt Associates Bamboo.
A list of bamboo with links to some nice pictures. Also information and foto's of how to make a bamboo bonsai.
Bamboo Australia
They sell bamboos. With a list of what they have. This list contains a small description and prizes. They also sell bamboo seeds.
Bamboo Discovery
Information about bamboo. With some nice photo's and discription (Mainly French, some Englisch)
Bamboo For You
Our bamboo nursery specializes in carefully selected varieties of tropical clumping bamboo plants. We strive to provide the highest quality plants and service to our south Florida customers.
We offer you the most attractive and ornamental, non-invasive varieties.
We have some of the most unusual and rare bamboo plants available.
The bamboos we sell are easy to grow and maintain in south Florida.
We sell only the bamboo plants that we have grown to love ourselves.
Bamboo Forests of South Sichuan
Description of a bamboo park in China.
Bamboo Gardener
In Print and out of print hard to find Bamboo and Japanese Gardening books. Bamboo Gardener is also a Specility Nursery that provides Landscaping Services. They even design and sell bamboo Jewelry.
Bamboo Gardens
Bamboo Gardens is the premier destination for bamboo in the Pacific Northwest. As a specialty retail and wholesale nursery we are committed to providing the highest quality plants, poles, garden décor and customer service. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff, display gardens and bamboo groves provide creative inspiration and a memorable visit.
Bamboo in Nepal
Information for managing bamboo.
Bamboo Index
Garden catalog list of where you can buy bamboo in the US.
Bamboo Identification Manual
The Bamboo Identification Manual project is an effort spearheaded by a group of bamboo enthusiasts from around the world, designed to put the ability to identify the many bamboos directly in the hands of the people it helps the most. Proper identification plays a critical role in determining what species should be planted and for what purpose, and also gives insight into the potential uses of existing groves of bamboo, ranging from cool green shade on a hot summer day, to food, shelter, musical instruments, and much more. For the growers, researchers, artists and craftsmen involved with BIM, the ages of stone, bronze, and iron are long past, and the renewable, resilient Age of Bamboo is the future.
Bamboe Informatie Centrum Nederland
The still unfinneshed Dutch web site of Charley Younge.
Bamboo Land
Providing bamboo plants for garden or commercial plantations. They now running a nursery specialising in bamboo and have about 100 different species growing and about 50 species for sale.
Bamboo of Nagaokakyo
Takahei Wholesale Bamboo in Japan has a colorful web page.
Bamboo Sourcery
They sell bamboo. Lots of information about bamboo. Including some pictures of bamboo.
Bamboo Suppliers
A list of Bamboo nurseries and plant supplies in the PNW.
In 1993, when I planted my first Bamboo, I didn't know anything about Indocalamus, Sasa, Phyllostachys, Bambusa Today I'm totally seduced and involved by their energy and vitality and by their charming elegance and their beauty (think about the Japanese and Chinese water-colour painters) and some other dimensions.
I own more than 100 different species today in my collection, but it's becoming more and more difficult to hold such a luxuriant explosion of this "living" plant in my 10.000 square meters' garden. Also because every plant is meant to be placed in harmony with the other existing plants: olive-trees,
Besuchen Sie uns in unserem Bambus-Informationszentrum bei Hannover oder auf den Messen und Ausstellungen, auf denen wir auch in diesem Jahr wieder vertreten sind. Wir bieten Ihnen eine Auswahl von ca. 200 verschiedenen Bambussorten und -arten vom 30 cm hohen Bodendecker bis zu 8 m hohen Riesengräsern.
Bambuscentrum Deutschland
Bamboe park/farm of Wolfgang Eberts with some very nice foto's and hints. With a list of what they have. This list contains a description and prizes.(English/German)
Boone's Farm
A small (10 acre) field nursery in Columbia County, Florida, with a focus on woody ornamentals and temperate and tropical bamboos. With some nice pictures.
Broadmead Nursery
Broadmead Nursery is a wholesale container nursery located in Amity, Oregon. We are looking forward to supplying you with all of your plant material needs as retailers, re-wholesalers and landscapers. Our "Commitment to Excellence" in quality, service and value means that your success is our business.We grow a large selection of broadleaf evergreens, deciduous plants, rhododendrons, conifers, groundcovers, hardy perennials, ornamental grasses and bamboo.
Burt Associates Bamboo Pages
Burton's Bamboo Garden is the most unique supplier of bamboo products in the Midwest. We invite you to visit our Garden at your earliest convenience. The various types of bamboo are used in both indoor decorating and outdoor landscaping. .
Burtons Bamboo Garden
Burtons Bamboo Garden is a nursery featuring plants of different colors, sizes and uses. We feature the "finished" product. Here you can see a "Living Privacy Fence" and learn how it's grown. Whether it's a 30 ft. high grove swaying in the breeze or a glistening Nigra culm in a garden, at Burtons Bamboo Garden we help you achieve that "Unique" landscaping goal.
Canada's Bamboo World
Many Canadians are unaware of the fact that they can grow certain rare species of bamboo in every Province. We are collectors of rare, cold hardy, exotic bamboo plants that can make your yard look like it is in the tropics. We are offering some of our rare collection by mail order. Feel free to look around our site and learn about this beautiful, most used plant on earth.
Endangered Species
A few foto's of bamboo. They also answer any question about bamboo by E-Mail.
European Bamboo Society
The European Bamboo Society is an umbrella organization for all bamboo societies in Europe and the EBS Web page provides contact information for these societies. Including a listing of bamboo synonyms amongst the information you'll find there.
Favorite Bamboos
Pictures from another bamboo freak. Grows most of his bamboo's inhouse.
Jade Mountain Bamboo Nursery
Jade Mountain Bamboo is located in Tacoma,Washington and is owned by Dale & Joanna Chesnut and Phil Davidson. Presently they offer over 100 species of bamboos ranging in size from small groundcover bamboos that reach no more than a foot, to large majestic timber bamboos that soars over 50 feet.
Jardin d'art & d'essais
They sell bamboo in France. With a list of what they have. (English/French)
JM Bamboo
Bamboo nursery with 70+ species for sale, retail and mailorder.
La Bambouseraie
A botanical park of 34 hectares, located in the Cévennes, created in 1855 by Eugène Mazel Cévenol who finally made his dream come true : to create a bamboo forest. His efforts were rewarded as he succeeded in acclimatizing several bamboo species as well as other exotic plants.
Lewis Bamboo Groves
Bamboo nursery. With price list, and some nice pictures.
Mr. Bamboo
Sydney's specialist bamboo nursery.
Nueces River Groves
Nueces River Groves is a private garden supplying retail nurseries fine bamboo plants, however we host an annual plant sale and auction in conjuction with the Texas Bamboo Society (the Texas Chapter of the American Bamboo Society). Please visit the plant sale page for information and prices on this year's sale.
Oprins Plant NV
Oprins Plant combines all activities of plant production within the group Oprins. Our main strength is a strong own production. Plant production is highly specialized and very large scaled, using up to date technologies. In total over 800 different plants are cultivated in large quantities, with main specialization in bamboo, both tropical and temperate.
Quindembo Bamboo
They sell bamboo. With price list. Lots of nice bamboo pictures.
Steve Ray's Bamboo Gardens
We have been growing bamboo over 40 years and have large display groves growing on 50 acres, landscaped with over 350 plantings of over 100 varieties. We have, with a few exceptions, the entire Barbour Lathrop collection growing in our Coosa River bottom land gardens, plus many other bamboos acquired from collectors over the years. We try to concentrate on the tried and proven performers in the bamboo world, such as Phyllostachys nigra cv. Henon and Bory, Phyllostachys bissetii, Phyllostachys rubromarginata, the aureas, and of course Phyllostachys bambusoides, Phyllostachys vivax, Phyllostachys heterocycla pubescens.
The Bamboo Garden
They sell bamboo. With price list. Lots of nice bamboo pictures. They also have the Northwest meeting schedules.
The Bamboo Giant, rare bamboos
They sell bamboos. With a list of what they have, including a small description, height, diameter, temperature.
The Bamboo Museum
The Bamboo Museum stands in the quiet Rakusai Bamboo Park in ancient Japanese capital of Kyoto. Built in 1981 as part of a city government commemorative project to preserve ancient bamboo groves in a new town development at the southwestern edge of the city, the museum aims to promote understanding of bamboo.
The New England Bamboo Company
They sell bamboo. Specializing in the propagation, sales and shipment of live bamboo plants throughout the world. With a list of what they have, including some pictures. Info how to plant bamboo.
The Scottish Bamboo Nursery
The Scottish Bamboo Nursery is situated Alford in Aberdeenshire near Craigievar Castle 1000 feet up in the hills of Scotland. We hold an unrivalled selection of Bamboo plants, suitable for the Scottish gardens. Many people think of bamboo as being related to a hot climate, but those that we have selected originate from the temperate regions of China, Japan and the higher elevations of the Himalyas. They can withstand the climatic conditions of the Scottish gardens (and therefore any where in the UK) and are indeed hardy and evergreen down to temperatures of -18 to -30 degrees Centigrade, depending on the variety.
Tradewinds Bamboo Nursery
They sell bamboo. With foto's and planting instructions.
Wolf Creek Bamboo
We are a small business that originally had no intention of selling to the general public, but loved the plants and somehow grew into helping others get the fever of this beautiful plant. We currently have over three acres in bamboo plantings. We have several trails, a pond surrounded by bamboo plants all on Wolf Creek. We started planting in the early 1990's and have several nice groves and many on the way. At the present time we have many species and are still adding on so business or no business we will enjoy the beauty of bamboo on our land for years to come.